We’re pretty sure we’re awesome, but why take our word for it? Here’s what Olympic Champion Kyle Shewfelt and others say about Gymtastics GymTools...


“I have personally recommended many children and families to go to Gymtastics Gym Club because I find that Darlene and her programs offer something unique and special. I'm glad that Darlene has now offered her lesson plans and gymnastics tools online and believe all gym clubs and children's programs could benefit from this material”

Kyle Shewfelt

2004 Olympic Gold Metal Champion

Christine Fraser

“Gymtastics Gymtools has been a wonderful addition to our existing preschool gymnastics program. We have seen an amazing increase in our coaches energetic participation as well as anticipation from the kids to see what fun theme day activity is next. I am confident that the number of participants enrolled will definitely increase with this original programming”

Christine Fraser

Pre-School and Recreational Gymnastics Coach

Yolanda Paradis

“Although I have been teaching preschool gymnastics for over 20 years, Gymtools helped me step out of my comfort box by utilizing new teaching techniques and increasing my class creativity. I am living proof that an old dog can learn new tricks. Thank you Gym tools, my students and I had a lot more FUN”

Yolanda Paradis

Pre-School and Recreational Gymnastics Coach

“Gymtastic Gym Tools' customer service is one that every company should emulate! In addition, I have been highly impressed with the free sample lesson plan. Such detailed sheets make my work as an instructor so much easier and my lessons so much richer. ”

Malka S

Hudson Valley, New York

“I just buy your lesson plans for our coaches, who love them. They tell me the pictures are clear and easy to understand which is perfect for training young coaches and helping gymnasts understand verbal instruction. They are very impressed, which is why we keep returning to buy more!”

Mark H

Esprit Gymnastics, UK

“Our company mainly runs gymnastics in schools. We go around to schools with big trailers of equipment and get the kids active during the school day. Gymnastics Australia have similar software but we really liked the images from Gymtastics GymTools.”

Rob B

Fit Futures, Australia