Frequently asked questions:

Who is Darlene “the Bean”?
Find out more about Darlene the Bean by checking out her profile here.
What is the background and qualifications of your material?
Darlene “The Bean” is the founder of Gymtastics GymTools. She has over 30 years of experience coaching pre-school, recreational and competitive gymnastics. She is also a successful business owner with over 20 years running her own gymnastics club in Calgary, Canada. With a background in early childhood education, she is also a pre-school consultant specializing in children’s emotional and physical development. Darlene is extremely passionate about gymnastics and works to be a positive influence to all customers and coaching staff, which may explain the giant GymTwinkle mascot star printed on her SUV.


How does the credit system work?
Credits are Gymtastics GymTools’ very own currency. Purchase credits and spend them whenever you download a file. For more information click here.
How do I find out in dollars what a product costs?
Think of each credit being worth a dollar. However, the more credits you buy the less each credit costs, which allows you to save money. We sell our products world wide and PayPal will automatically do the conversion rate for you during the purchase process.
Can I buy products without purchasing credits?
You can only purchase our products using our credit system. Simply go to our credit system page and purchase the amount that is suitable for your needs. It’s simple, fast and easy.
Can I buy credits without having to purchase a monthly subscription?
Yes. Credits can be purchased for as little as 75 cents each (25% discount). The more you buy, the more you save! On top of that you can buy an extra 50 or 100 credits monthly at a 50% discount! That’s only 50 cents per credit! When you combine the credit purchasing options available along with our product package bundles, the savings really start to add up.
What is the Monthly Credit Program?
Sign up to our Monthly Credit Program and you can choose between receiving 50 or 100 credits every month at a 50% discount! This is a great way to add further savings to the variety of Credit Packages we offer. You can cancel at any time.
How do I get the most value for my money on your site?
Buy our products in bundles. Purchasing Gymtastics GymTools products in bundles will always give you the best value for your money. If you also buy the largest amount of credits we offer and/or sign up for our Monthly Credit Program it can further increase your savings. See our credits page for more details.


How do I get my product once I purchase it?
All of our products are instantly downloadable to your desktop. No shipping required. Once you click the green ‘BUY NOW’ button on the right side of any product it is then purchased. Click this button again to download. The product will then appear in a zip. file on your desktop. Ready to use instantly.
Can I download the product more than once?
Yes. Once you have purchased products you can download those files as many times as you like.
There are so many products, where do I start?
First analyze your program and what age category and level best suit your needs. If you click on our “PRODUCTS” button you will notice a tool bar to the left of the page. You can click the category that best represents your program. Each product has a clear description written and visual samples to view so you know what you are purchasing. If you have any specific questions regarding our products please contact for help.
Do I have to register for an account in order to download Gymtastics GymTools products?
No. We have several products available for free. Simply click the green ‘Download Now’ button to the right of these products to view them. However if you wish to purchase any products that require credits then you must register to our site. Once you do we will give you 10 FREE to test out any of our other products at no charge to you.
Does it cost anything to sign up?
No. It is free to sign up. When you do you can opt in for our FREE Monthly Teaching Tips along with New Product Announcements and Special Offers. You’ll also receive 10 Bonus Credits that can be used immediately toward any Gymtastics GymTools products. That’s a $10 value!
What format are the files in? How do I open them?
The majority of our products are PDF. or MOV. files, which can be opened on any computer or operating system. If you are having difficulties viewing any of our products please contact us.
Do you ship your products?
No shipping required. All of our products are downloadable right to your desktop. This way you get them instantly in a printable format. However, there is one exception. We sell our star-shaped mascot puppet GymTwinkle to go with our Pre-School Lesson Plans. It’s the only item we carry that requires shipping.

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