Twinkle Puppet

Twinkle Puppet

Our Mascot Gym Twinkle

GymTwinkle is a lot more than the Gymtastics GymTools mascot. He’s 18” of flame resistant polar fleece stuffed with nylon batting, hopes, dreams, encouragement and exactly 1% unicorn mane, because that stuff is hard to come by. Make no mistake: there’s some magic inside of GymTwinkle. He's a teaching aide hand puppet and a relatable friend for our pre-school students. GymTwinkle participates in each pre-school class in meaningful ways. He reflects the children's emotions throughout the session: he is shy on the first day of class and acts silly on funny hair-do day, etc. Always ready to greet the children with hugs and a big smile, GymTwinkle represents our belief that every child is a star just for being who they are.

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Twinkle Puppet

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