Backwards Day Lesson Plan, Intermediate/Advanced (3.5-5 years)

Backwards Day Lesson Plan, Intermediate/Advanced (3.5-5 years)

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Pre-School Class Feature Focus Skills: Prone and Supine Positions, Backwards Activities, Backwards Rolls, Back Drop Progressions and Pullovers on Bars. Walking, running and jumping backwards makes for a challenging but quirky lesson plan. Super ideas for body positions and loco-motor movement activities. Great for kinesthetic awareness!

This is a professionally designed and fully illustrated lesson plan that is age appropriate and easy to follow. All of our plans come complete with a class format outline, feature skills, body positions as well as flexibility & conditioning exercises that compliment the focus skills. They also include activities for rhythm & dance, sport & ball handling skills and social group games and activities. You will find valuable teaching tips throughout the plan as well as detailed notes to coach. Our proven theme day lesson plans are guaranteed to help any instructor enhance their program.

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