Summer games like tag and skipping rope shows kids how easy and fun it can be to stay active.

Star-Straddle-1 Sometimes, children look for an excuse not to get active (don’t we all!). But teaching them ways to use their skipping rope and variations of tag to play is an excellent reminder that you don’t need a full gym of equipment or a large group to get busy and have fun.

A skipping rope is a great solo exercise tool. It’s inexpensive and easy to take with you anywhere. Inspire children to jump rope at home, or invite a friend over for double dutch. In just 5 or 10 minutes, they will have really gotten their bodies working and (hopefully) been inspired to keep them that way by having a more active day in general.

Requiring even less equipment, but at least one other player, tag is another great way to start active outside of the gym. A large number of variations on the traditional game keep it fun and interesting. Summer games for kids can be played in your back yard, in a swimming pool, or at a local play park. Tag is also a great opportunity to encourage your children to get their friends and family moving, as well. You’re never too old or too young to join a game of tag, especially with modifications that can be used to level the playing field for people with different fitness levels.

All it takes is some room to move and a little motivation and a healthy, active lifestyle is in anyone’s reach. For ideas and instructions about Summer Camp games and activities for kids, please visit our Summer Camp page.

From Darlene “The Bean”

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