Effective communication in gymnastics

Effective communication is crucial in any business and is about so much more than speaking the same language as someone. In my gym, it’s about the way we make others feel when we speak to them and when they speak to us. This goes for all our students, their parents and our coaches.

Think about a time when you felt truly understood. Was it because of the words you chose? And the way you chose to express them? Or was it because the person listening took the time to make sure you felt understood?

These actions are what effective communication is about to me – understanding others and being understood. It’s important we make others feel heard through active listening, empathetic understanding, as well as giving feedback on the information given in the conversation.

At my gym, we use pictures and videos as often as possible to make sure students can visualize what we’re teaching. Visual Aids are great tools to increase learning, as well as body language. I always remind my coaches to be mindful of their tone of voice when instructing. When they’re excited about their gymnastics drills and lesson plans, our students will pick up on that enthusiasm and increase their learning.

The next time you’re having a conversation, try and remember to show who you’re speaking to – with your words and body language – that you hear them, see them and that what they’re saying is important, because they are important. I bet you’ll feel like the conversation was more meaningful because you made your communication count.



From Darlene “The Bean”

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